So who are the lawyers who might benefit from The Terminator’s election to the governorship of California? For one, there is the firm where more than a few prime movers behind Schwarzenegger’s campaign hang out. The Flanigan Law Firm was big in the Pete Wilson days as ex-Gov. Flanagan partner Bob White was an early Schwarzenegger confidante and strategist. He formed a high-powered public affairs consulting firm in 1997 after serving as former Gov. Pete Wilson’s right hand for three decades in the San Diego mayor’s office, Congress and the governor’s office.

So too is Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller & Naylor, loaded with good Republican boys.

Republican-oriented lobbying firms, especially those with connections to Schwarzenegger, could expect to see a new surge of clients. Capitol insiders expect the Flanigan Law Firm, owned by members of the Flanigan family, to do especially well if there’s a change of administrations.

Among those who work in the firm are Pete Wilson’s longtime chief of staff, Bob White, an early and high-ranking Schwarzenegger adviser. The Flanigans aren’t starving now with $2 million a year in lobbying fees, but no one in the Capitol would be surprised to see that double. Another likely beneficiary of a Schwarzenegger takeover would be Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller and Naylor, another law firm loaded with Republican politicos that’s already billing about $4 million a year.

A similar shift may occur among the Capitol’s 1,200 lobbyists. Those who have seen their client lists expand over the past five years because of their close ties to Davis could suffer setbacks. They include Aaron Read, who represented police and fire unions that were among Davis’ earliest supporters, then saw his lobbying practice expand to more than $3 million a year in billings; and Darius Anderson, a Davis political aide and fund-raiser who set up a lobbying firm that does about $4 million a year in business.

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