Spotlauncher Brings Profitable New Media Platform To National DRTV Advertisers

Direct Response (DRTV) advertising has never been more popular than it is today, and a rising star in the industry is Spotlauncher Productions of Tampa Florida. “At Spotlauncher DRTV clients get treatment they can’t get anywhere else. From their first contact, through the proposal, production, and media phase, our clients get a personal touch and a passion for this business not found anywhere else” says Luke Dreyer, COO.

But, not only is Spotlauncher’s creative talent second to none, their methods of buying media time and spot placement are quickly becoming the industry standard and setting the pace! “Advertisers in DRTV need two things from a media buy say’s Luke Dreyer… They need targeted reach, and they need the lowest CPM’s possible” What this means is one of the most important things about a media buy is to be reaching the most people at the lowest cost per thousand possible (CPM in DRTV lingo), because that’s what gives a DRTV campaign its best chance for success.

“We have campaigns on these national DRTV platforms that hit over 150 markets simultaneously at CPM’s of under $10 in many cases, that’s unbelievable… and it works!” says Dreyer. DRTV is a great way to get a product or service out to the masses, get it selling, and making money, and if you need a great DRTV company that will help you achieve your hopes and dreams… contact Spotlauncher productions, because… It’s their passion.

For more information go to or call (866) 950-7768.

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