SQL Recovery Tool Uses ADRT TO Repair Deleted Record of SQL Server

Gothenburg, Sweden, September 14, 2011– Company informs the users that SQL Recovery tool uses ADRT (Advanced Data Recovery Technology) to Repair Deleted Record of SQL Server. It’s a wonderful technology to repair SQL Server database and with this technology, the users can repair deleted as well as partly damaged records. The software, working on this technology, can repair all the items from deleted record of SQL Server including indexes, rules, triggers, functions, schemas, records’ operations, columns, tables, stored procedures, customized user data, etc. This technology is helpful in quick data recovery i.e. the entire database of SQL Server gets repaired with unbelievable speed. This technology is also helpful in qualitative data recovery i.e. the entire SQL database gets recovered without alterations or modifications. Due to this technology, the software provides support for all SQL Server editions (from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008).
Lab, Director, Allegan says, “We experienced a great change in the performance SQL Server tool with Advanced Data Recovery Technology (ADRT). It is absolutely an amazing technology. When we implemented this technology in our software, it started performing really well. It recovered all the items from deleted record of SQL Server, it performed the recovery of entire database in comparatively less time, it recovered partly damaged record and it showed recovery process as well.

Evan Swans, Director, Product Development says, “We furnish advanced technologies in all our products so that, the users can fully solve their need. Advanced Data Recovery Technology is one of the technologies and it is furnished in SQL Recovery tool. It is really beneficial for the users, who want to repair deleted record of SQL Server because the software can recover all the items from deleted record of SQL Server by this technology. Users can perform quick as well as qualitative recovery of SQL Server with it. http://www.sqlrecovery.co.uk/recover-deleted-sql-database-tables

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