Stainless Steel Cleanroom Carts for Cleanroom & Laboratory

At Pearce Stainless, you can get stainless steel carts to meet your specific requirements. Each stainless steel cart is Made to Order based on your specifications including size, dimension, and purpose. Any order can be Made to Order.

Pearce Stainless makes stainless cleanroom carts, and chemical transport carts for various uses including stainless steel wafer box transport carts, SMIF Transport Carts, and Air Sample Transport carts.

Pearce Stainless will custom design stainless steel carts suitable for your environment. Whether for usage in an aseptic environment for pharmaceutical reasons, or other clean room equipment or applications, Pearce will work through the design process with you to ensure that every detail of your custom requirements can be met. Custom stainless steel clean room carts made to match your requirements.

Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Carts: Our multi-purpose carts are available in many different configurations with your choice of solid or perforated tops.

Micro-Electronic Stainless Steel Carts: Carts from this select line are available in#4, or electro-polished finish, and feature angled tops to stabilize wafer boxes and suspension casters minimizing vibration in transit.

Stainless Steel Chemical Carts & Liners: Chemical-resistant polyethylene lines our stainless steel chemical transport carts. Our selection of removable liners allows you to get the most out of a single cart while accommodating various sizes of container.

Pearce Stainless also specializes in many types of cleanroom supplies or equipment including tables, cabinets, carts and many types of clean room products. If you are interested in cleanroom furniture products than you can visit on the website and browse many categories there wide range available that you needed, find you suitable products and get in easy way

Options for Customizing Your Cart

Stainless Steel Construction Options – Stainless steel carts can be constructed from 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Carts Castor Options – Chemical transport carts are available with swivel/locking castors or suspension castors.

Stainless Steel Cart Storage – Options for your custom cleanroom cart includes adjustable and perforated shelves, number of dividers, divider positioning, and size and location of handles.

Stainless Steel Cart Finishes – Pearce Stainless Steel Carts comes with a #4 finish or an electro-polished finish.

Note for Editor:

Pearce Stainless is a Canadian manufacturer of custom stainless steel cleanroom furnishings and equipment for the controlled environment. Located in Ottawa, Canada, Pearce supplies a broad cross section of customers from both the electronic and pharmaceutical industries in Canada and the United States.

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Our desire is to not only provide excellent and innovative stainless steel products but to do so in a timely, reliable manner. Our broad offering is complemented by our willingness to work closely with you to provide custom solutions for exacting requirements.

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