Takes a Hike! Writers to Visit National Park for Creative Stimulus

Especially during this intense season of academic deadlines, writers spend their days (and nights) researching and creating. Management knows that such unremitting effort requires periodic change to avoid ‘wearing out the circuits’. For a dramatic alteration of scene, writers will spend time in a national park. For centuries, writers have sought out Nature for inspiration. writers will have a chance to recharge and restore in the outdoors, and bring back a new outlook on their work.

National parks offer opportunities for immersion in nature rarely available today. Walking beneath towering trees, listening on a lakeshore for frogs, fish jumping, or a beaver slapping his tail, or appreciating a mountain view; these are just some of the magnificent experiences awaiting a visitor. Some writers may be neophytes, while others know our nearby parks like old friends. All the writers will appreciate the chance to breathe tree-scented air and share a campfire song, or laugh at others who attempt one. The very act of walking in a forest has been shown to impact stress levels. We hope that our writers will hike back from their outing bursting with creativity. At the very least, they will have seen daylight. has hauled our writers out of the office to see and do stimulating things before. Find out what, and where, at our website, The website also describes the full range of our academic support services.

About Us: writers are a dedicated bunch. They represent a wide variety of previous professions and training. Thus, they bring disparate perspectives to the problems and projects our customers present. Even obscure and complicated topics can be addressed with personal assistance.

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