Stoltmann Law Offices Files Another Schwab FINRA Arbitration Claim

CHICAGO, May 8, 2008 (Lawfuel) — Stoltmann Law Offices
announces that it has filed another FINRA arbitration claim on behalf
of two clients of Charles Schwab & Co. for investment losses in the
Schwab YieldPlus Fund Select Shares (SWYSX) and the Schwab YieldPlus
Fund Investor Shares (SWYPX) today.

The FINRA arbitration statement of claim alleges fraud, negligence,
misrepresentations and omissions related to the failure of the firm to
fully disclose risks associated with the Schwab YieldPlus mutual funds,
according to Andrew Stoltmann, of Stoltmann Law Offices, in Chicago.

The claim seeks recovery of investment losses in excess of $114,000,
along with attorney’s fees, interest and punitive damages. Stoltmann
Law Offices expects to file another 25 claims against Charles Schwab &
Co. in upcoming weeks for investors who have retained the law firm.

According to Chicago securities attorney Andrew Stoltmann, “Schwab
clients in the YieldPlus funds thought they were getting the equivalent
of a money market fund. Instead, they received a mutual fund
concentrated in high risk, speculative, mortgage backed securities. The
concentrated nature of the Schwab fund made it more like a hedge fund
than the money market fund Schwab portrayed it to be to millions of

The FINRA statement of claim alleges that the YieldPlus fund prospectus
made the following misleading or fraudulent misrepresentations: “The
Schwab YieldPlus fund is an ultra short-term bond fund, designed to
offer high current income with minimal changes in share price”;
“Strategy: To pursue its goal, the fund primarily invests in
investment-grade bonds (high and certain medium quality, AAA to BBB —
or the unrated equivalent as determined by the investment adviser) …
To help maintain share price stability and preserve investor capital,
the fund seeks to maintain an average portfolio duration of one year or
less”; and “The fund’s investment strategy is designed to offer higher
yields than a money market fund while seeking minimal changes in share

The statement of claim also alleges that the funds marketing material
and statements by Yield Plus fund managers were materially misleading.
For example, the statement of claim alleges, in a May 2007 interview
with Bloomberg TV, Matt Hastings, co-manager of YieldPlus funds, said
that, “The investors that we are trying to capture are money fund
investors or investors that are defensive on the bond market.”

According to the statement of claim, while the average ultra short term
bond fund has lost approximately 1.9% in the last 6 months, the
YieldPlus funds have dropped 24%. The complaint alleges that, according
to Yahoo! Finance, the YieldPlus fund, when compared to all other funds
in its category, ranks the worst of 139 funds in the category for the
one month, three month and six month time periods and among the worst
for the one year and 3 year time periods.


Period Rank Funds in Category %Rank
Year To Date 139 139 100.00

1-Month 139 139 100.00

3-Month 139 139 100.00

6-Month 138 138 100.00

1-Year 114 137 83.21

3-Year 104 124 83.87

The statement of claim filed by the Stoltmann Law Offices does not name
Charles Schwab financial consultants, employees or the affiliated
registered investment advisors.

According to Mr. Stoltmann, “We believe that Schwab affiliated
registered investment advisors and the Schwab employees who solicited
the funds were victims of these products as well. In our view, the firm
unfortunately misled the Schwab financial consultants and investment
advisors and their clients ended up paying the ultimate financial

Mr. Stoltmann also warned, “Many law firms have filed class action
lawsuits against Charles Schwab & Co. Yield Plus clients are encouraged
to analyze all of their legal options. Class action settlements too
often lead to minimal settlements for clients. Charles Schwab YieldPlus
victims must be aware that if they stay in the class action and
recover, they cannot also recover in a FINRA arbitration action.”

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