Store Bookmark Online At introduces a unique new online bookmarking tool. The website allows users to organize, store and retrieve personalized online bookmarks from any computer, as well as to search for relevant web content based on the user community’s preferences and store bookmark. Thumbnails help to easily find, organize and access web content. The site also offers a convenient Ops-Center to access commonly used Internet resources, such as Knowledge Bases (Wikipedia), Shops (Amazon, ebay, etc.) and the “Internet essentials” such as YouTube, etc. What makes ZillionLinX stand out from competing web sites is the ease of use. Creating and managing bookmarks is as easy as dragging thumbnails into folders or into the “Top Links” portion of the screen: Bookmarks accessed daily at your fingertips, bookmarks accessed periodically neatly organized in individualized categories and folders.

The company came into being in November, 2010. It is an effort by MicroBusinessNet, LLC. You can create online bookmarks with this free online bookmark manager. They can be browsed from anywhere you want. You can search within bookmarks and view the last added or last used bookmarks. It is also easy to share these bookmarks with your peers and view the statistics for the most frequently used. You can contact the company or view the video demo on the company’s site to learn more about its features.

The company guarantees that your important data will not be lost with this tool. You can export bookmarks, contacts, and lists and save them on your hard disk. The social bookmarking site also guarantees that your data will not be shared with third parties. Your bookmarks and personal data are kept absolutely confidential. Your email address is only used to help you sign up and if you forget your username and password, both can be sent to your email address.

Apart from storing, editing, and retrieving all your bookmarks from anywhere in the world, you can also add new bookmark with the help of The site explains the procedure of adding your favorite link with the help of a video. Keeping track of the websites you like can be difficult if you use more than one computer or share your machine with others. helps you build a manual of sorts through this tool where you can store bookmark easily. You can easily access this bookmark from home, at work, on a friend’s computer, or at a cyber café. Your bookmarked sites will stay whenever you want to use them even on a shared computer.

The bookmarks are known by different names including Favorites, Links, Anchors, or Hotlists. serves as a reminder for the bookmarks that need to be visited again and synchronizes them with your preferred browser. You can bookmark your site on any computer and on any browser. The password protects the file and does not let them be open by any other person. But, if you want, you can share the bookmarked sites with your family, friends, and classmates. You can also import and export your bookmarks easily from and to your browser. Emailing is your bookmarks are also simple. You could manage, edit, and delete your bookmarks using simple steps. You can go back to your bookmarks to check whether they still have valid links and can easily find duplicate bookmarks in your compilation. At, you can store bookmark as well as can organize your bookmarks into folders.

ZillionLinX went online in November, 2010 and is part of Keller, TX based MicroBusinessNet, LLC.

ZillionLinX offers a convenient one stop application for Online Bookmarks where you can search the internet and access, store bookmark or organize your bookmarks from any computer.


Address: 1540 Keller Parkway,
Suite 108-101
TX 76248
Phone Number: 817 703 2672

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