Study The Key Ratios And Invest In Penny Stock

Are you a first time trader? Do not know how to play in the top penny stocks market? Wish to have tips on successful investing in penny stock? Well, what I present in this article will be very useful to you. Investors who wish to see their portfolio grow in the near future or in the short term always prefer to invest in small and mid-cap stocks or in other words penny stock. Now you may well ask me what penny stock is. Fundamentally, penny stock is those scripts that are quoting at below $5.00 today, but which have the potential to scale great heights in the near future say in a time span of six months to one and half year. Due to the time period of the investment, these are also called as small and mid-cap stocks or also penny stock. Investing in penny stock is not rocket science and there is a technique involved in making good money on fundamentally good companies which have a sound business model. The trick is to spot such businesses. Your next question would be how would you do it?

Believe me, it is very simple. It does not involve any heavy duty research or any waiting period once you invest. Also you need not approach a stock trader for tips as he will suggest only those scripts which he feels are good depending upon his own objectives. You have to be clear about your objectives and then put your money in penny stock. Moreover, the stock broker is serving many other clients also and so his advice to you would be the same as he gives to others. This will result in the herd mentality that is often heard in stock market circles. Herd mentality is when one group of people benefit from doing something, then all other groups of people tends to want to do the same thing, not withstanding their needs. But if a human being tends to curb his instinct of following the herd mentality and not follow the beaten path then he can make good money by doing his own research based on results of the companies that he researches. There are three key aspects that you have to study in order to decide whether to invest in penny stock that are said to be the best penny stocks. One has to study the growth rate of the company over a period of one year, study of promoters and their objectives, study the P/E ratio of companies’ especially mid-cap stocks. Growth rates can be obtained from financial engineering or operational enterprise. When an investor buys a penny stock, he takes more risk than that taken in buying a large cap stock, and hence this risk should be compensated by a good return. This return will come based on the company growth rate.

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