Sun Laboratories Introduces Sunless Tanning Products

Chatsworth, USA : Sunless tanning is a new way of getting the bronzed look. The scorching heat of sun can be a complete turn off if you have to spend the entire day soaking up its rays. Getting a tanned skin is not easy and Sun lab understands how difficult it can be. In an effort to make self-tanning easy, they have introduced sunless tanning products. These products are skin friendly and they give an instant tan. There is no need to take a sunbath. You can simply apply this product and get the desired look in a jiffy.

Sun laboratories have targeted this line of products for the “woman on the go”. If you are always pressed for time and cannot devote time for sunbaths then these tanning products can be a boon. They create a natural looking tan that won’t smudge or leave embarrassing stains on your clothes. In fact, the product range is designed very thoughtfully. They have given detailed attention to the quality and characteristics of the products. You will find products that suit different types of skin.

Getting a sunless tan is quite easy with the Sun Lab products. They are easy to apply and stay for long hours. You won’t need a re-application. Besides, the product range includes lotions, gels, sprays, creams and the likes. This company offers umpteen variants in tanning products. You will find different products for the face and body.

Sun laboratories have gone a step beyond the usual self tanning products. They have also introduced body polishers and tan accelerators. These products can double the effect of your tan. You also have an option of choosing products that offer ultra dark tan. The entire range of product focuses on creating a natural looking tan. The quality of Sun lab products is remarkable. Your tan won’t flake or develop uneven streaks on the skin. It will have an even look that appears as natural as possible. Most of the products are water resistant, so there is no concern about the color running out in water.

This range of customer friendly sunless tan products is available in spray dispensers, too, known as air brush tanners. The product comes with a high absorb formula and is absorbed within seconds. It also includes moisturizers that hydrate the skin while you enjoy the tanned look. Sun lab has stated that their product line includes emollients like aloe vera and is enriched with botanical extracts. The product range is dermatologically tested for allergies and reactions.

Apart from sunless tanning products, this company has also introduced sun care products. You will find sun block creams, sun screens and sun care lotions.

Sun laboratories earn another brownie point for one more revolutionary product, “tan maintainer”. This product preserves the tan by soothing and softening the skin. It prevents the tan from turning flaky. It also prevents peeling of the tan. Sun Lab is a one-stop shop for all your tanning supplies. The product range is priced reasonably and there is no dearth of choices. You will definitely find something that suits your skin.


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