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Chatsworth, CA, United States, July 8, 2011: There are many types of sunless tanning products available and the demand for such products is growing. Many new and highly innovative products are making their presence felt in the tanning market and Sun Labs is spearheading this innovation. Those days of spending long hours in the sun, trying to get a decent tan are a thing of the past. Sunless tanning products are the most popular way of getting a tan that looks as good as a natural one or even better. They are used by a majority of those who are eager to have a natural tanned look. Sunless tanning products give a smooth, even tan without the inconvenience and harsh consequences of other methods of tanning.

Using tanning products from the industry leader, Sun Labs is a must for everyone who likes to flaunt a great looking tan all round the year, regardless of the season. These products are very easy to use and ensure stunning results which accounts for their tremendous popularity.

Sun Labs’ sunless tanning systems are uncomplicated and can be used in conveniently in the privacy of your homes. The first step involves exfoliating the body with a special exfoliating body gel. This comprises vitamins and natural ingredients and helps in cleaning and revitalizing the skin. The tan moisturizer must be applied on dry skin to make your tan look really natural and flawless. It is recommended that you use the moisturizer everyday to maintain the fresh look of the tan for longer periods.

The sunless tanning lotion must then be applied all over the body. It is safe to use even on the face and will not cause any irritation. The tan has been tested for its efficacy and safety and is extremely gentle on the skin. Under normal conditions, the tan will last for five to seven days. You must use this great looking tan every few days to get a darker, richer tan.

Self tanning products from Sun Labs are the preferred way of getting a tan without being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. It provides the perfect solution to those who want their skin to look naturally tanned all round the year. The results from these innovative products are simply amazing. Even celebrities prefer using products from Sun Labs over other similar tanning creams because of the stunning results they deliver with a minimum of fuss.

The company has its own laboratories in Chatsworth, CA where the products are formulated, manufactured, bottled and shipped all over the globe. The products are available in the form of airbrush, sprays and gels. The company offers free samples of various tanning products. You can try the samples and know which shade suits your skin type perfectly before ordering online.

Sun Labs’ products can be selected from their website from the convenience of your home and ordered online. Payments can be made through secured payment gateways. For more information about Sun Labs and their unique tanning products, visit the site


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