Supreme Court Nomination of a Latina Signals Change – Law Announcements

Five high-level Latinas in law and policy comment on nomination

SAN DIEGO, June 25, 2009 — Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be the first Hispanic justice on that court if she is confirmed. This historic nomination is opening doors and inspiring Latinos throughout the country.

On her website, Latina attorney and creator of, Aurelia Flores, is currently featuring newly recorded audio segments of an exclusive panel of five powerful Latinas as they comment on the importance of this history-making nomination. They discuss the nomination and confirmation process for a Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor’s extraordinary qualifications, and the implications for the judicial system and the public given her existing record of legal decisions and reasoning.

Listen to the spirited discussion among the accomplished participants including:

— Jennifer Martinez, Professor, Stanford University Law
— Ramona Romero, National Board President, Hispanic National
Bar Association
— Ingrid Duran, Board Chair, National Hispana Leadership
— Nina Perales, Southwest Regional Counsel, Mexican American
Legal Defense and Educational Fund
— Eva Plaza, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for
the Department of Justice and former Assistant Secretary
for the Department of Housing and Urban Development,
appointed by President Clinton

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