Survey Revealed Perfect SQL Recovery Tool to Fix MDF Files

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 28, 2011: In a recent survey conducted by the company, it has been disclosed that SQL users entrust a perfect SQL recovery tool to recover corrupt MDF file. SQL Server can get corrupted due to many reasons like firmware bug, problem in disk controller or CPU, hardware malfunctioning, issues with platform etc. In many situations, DBCC CHECKDB command helps users to recover database from corrupted SQL Server but it fails to give a remarkable performance if the data is gravely damaged. In such situations, users entrust SQL Server database recovery software that proffers help in severe corruption scenarios. When asked to users about the most helpful tool they have ever employed to fix MDF file, majority of users raised hand for SQL Recovery software.

Results of the survey are stated as: “Corruption in SQL Server database can occur due to many reasons and leaves user in distressful situation. When it comes to recovery of wrecked MDF files, users opt to go for a perfect SQL recovery tool that helps to recover immensely damaged MDF files and ensures that all components of SQL Server like tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, constraints etc get recovered successfully.SQL Recovery software is employed and entrusted by most of the SQL users when corruption hits their data due to its excellence in recovery process and additional offerings. ”

Evan Swans says regarding this: Surveys are the best mode to keep us connected with the users and their problems. We are glad to know that our tool is entrusted by so many users in different geographical areas to fix their troubles elated to SQL recovery. We are happy that our tool is recognized as perfect SQL Recovery tool amongst the users. ”

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