T.30 Fax Control Protocol software

Toronto, Canada – GAO Research Inc. (www.GAOResearch.com) has announced the availability of its T.30 and fax control protocol software which implements ITU-T T.30 Recommendation, a standard for procedures for document facsimile transmission in the general switched telephone networks. The software supports commonly used processors such as TI C5000 & C6000 series DSPs, ARM processors and ADI DSPs and OS such as Windows and Linux.
This T.30 software is targeted for fax application as fax handshaking protocol. It establishes and manages communications between two fax modems. There are five phases of operation covered: call set up, pre message procedure (selecting the communication mode), message transmission (including phasing and synchronization), post message procedure and call release. GAO’s T.30E software implements the procedure for the Group 3 (G3 fax) document facsimile transmission of continuous-tone color images. Used in conjunction with T.30E software, it enables the efficient transmission of high quality, full color and gray-scale images over the general switched telephone network and other networks.
About GAO Research Inc.
GAO Research Inc. (www.GAOResearch.com) is a recognized international leading provider of communications software to telecom and electronics companies and provides the most comprehensive and unique suite of modem, fax, telephony, speech software, VoIP, FoIP, fax relay and fax/modem/voice relay software for embedded applications for DSP and microprocessors.
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