Taking The Magnolia Texas Homes Building Business To Another Level

If you want a modern looking beautiful house with affordable price plans then magnolia homes will be among the best available choices nowadays. Not only they’re cheaper than the conventional site built ones (not my opinion – according to magnolia texas real estate experts…) but are also easily transportable to your desired locations with ease as well. Although I’m not going to reveal things like how magnolia tx because associated with magnolia homes, etc but will give a brief history about this well respected house builder called the American Legend Homes nonetheless.

They’ve received one of the highest honors as a house builder you can achieve in Texas, called the Builder of the year award in 2005. And they’re not confined to one city but are currently expanding their business to other areas such as Lewisville, McKinney, Fort Worth, Little Elm, etc are just a few to name. They also claim that according to a third-party (independent) survey company, they’ve been able to satisfy their customers with over 90% rate which is quite impressive. Not only within the magnolia real estate, have they also won the Best Dallas Business award for Single Family category in 2009. So enough with the fame, let’s talk about some of their house features, etc. And for those of you who are looking for cheap magnolia texas new homes, you can even use some of their internet based auctions as well.

The new (although it is not that new but…) trend the house building industry is the Green technology or environmental friendly houses in other words. The American Legends are energy star approved (the international foundation for energy) company and has features such as waste reduction, better water efficiencies (for instance, their attached bathrooms contains 1.6 Gallon commodes to prevent unnecessary water usages, energy star approved dishwashers, better pluming mechanisms with water freezing and leaking detectors, etc), they even try to use more native woods for beds, etc as well.

It seems like they’ve been able to take the magnolia texas homes building business to another level actually and do deserve some praise for drifting towards native environmental friendly materials which not only help to gain some fame as a company but also give you the opportunity to give positive outputs to the community around you as well.

Other things like the indoor air vitalization systems are designed bring enough oxygen into the house itself which not only adds more physical and mental comfort but also has the ability to reduce smoke issues around fire places as well. And for other equipments such as A/C utilities and gases are all pre approved by the energy star foundation, so not only these houses look good, costs less (in the long run also) but will be one of the safest ones to live in as well.

They have a ten (10) stage process for building your home which vividly explains each stage. After activating your contact they’ll start building your home within 30-60 days at maximum.

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