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TALLAHASSEE – LAWFUEL – US Law News – Attorney General Bill McCollum today announced several
appointments to his senior management team. The appointees include an
attorney from a private law firm, a former state agency head and a
communications official for another state agency.

“I am confident that each of these individuals will bring their
expertise, energy and innovation to this office and I look forward to
working with them,” McCollum said. “We are here to serve the people, and I
believe today’s appointees will be excellent public servants.”

Appointed by McCollum today were the following individuals:

– Bob Hannah, Deputy Attorney General and Chief Counsel – Hanna is a
founding partner with the Law Offices of Hannah, Estes & Igram in Orlando,
where he worked as a defense attorney for more than 20 years.

– Simone Marstiller, Associate Deputy Attorney General – Marstiller, of
St. Petersburg, formerly served as Secretary of the Department of Business
and Professional Regulation under Governor Jeb Bush.

Hannah and Marstiller, along with Deputy Attorney General and Chief
of Staff Joe Jacquot and Associate Deputy Attorney General Trish Conners,
will serve as McCollum’s top officials for the office.

Also appointed today were the following individuals:

– Jenny Nash, Communications Director – Nash, of Hollywood, Florida,
served as a the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Secretary of State’s
Communications Office for the past year.

– Sandi Copes, Press Secretary – Copes, of Tallahassee, currently
serves in the Attorney General’s Communications Office, a position she has
filled for two years.

McCollum said he will appoint more members to his management team in
the near future. Members of his transition team are actively reviewing
candidates for several key positions, including the Inspector General, the
Solicitor General and the Statewide Prosecutor.

Please note that Florida has a broad public records law, and that all
correspondence to me via email may be subject to disclosure.

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