(Tampa, FL – June, 30 2006) – Magnetic, a Tampa Web Development firm…

(Tampa, FL – June, 30 2006) – Magnetic, a Tampa Web Development firm, today announced the official launch of the JustLaw Florida Web site, located at www.JustLawFlorida.com. With the goal of becoming a “legal Craigslist”, this new Web site represents the first comprehensive and free directory to list expert witnesses and legal service providers in the state of Florida. The site currently features 26 categories of expert witnesses and 24 categories of service providers and offers easy navigation and extensive search functionality.

“I obtained quotes from five other local development firms, but it was imperative that I obtain copyright to the code used in the Web site,” said Sharon Leslie, founder of JustLaw Florida. “Without my even requesting it, Magnetic spelled out in our contract that I owned all rights to the code developed. That says it all.”

Prior to this Web site launch, attorneys and their staff did not have access to a comprehensive online directory of expert witnesses and legal service providers in Florida. Other available directories list only a few providers in selected areas and participants must pay a premium to be included. JustLaw Florida offers free basic listings to both expert witnesses and service providers. Enhanced listings are available for a nominal fee.

“We are excited to help JustLaw Florida create such an important resource for the legal community,” said Jennifer Bakunas, President of Magnetic. “Our design team and developers work closely with our clients to deliver Web sites that always meet and exceed their expectations.”

Attorneys and the public can locate an expert witness or legal service provider by zip code, city, county, name, or category of service/ expertise. The site also contains a special section where experts and service providers can log onto the site to update their own listings including experts’ curriculum vitae or resumes. This functionality helps keep site administration costs low and information current.

“Magnetic provided me with a project timeline at the beginning of the engagement and kept me informed on a weekly basis regarding the status of the development process,” concluded Leslie. “Whenever I have requested an enhancement to the site’s functionality, they have responded immediately.”

JustLaw Florida offers expert witnesses a free Basic Listing, which consists of their name, address, phone number, and a 10-word summary of their area of expertise. The resources provided by JustLaw Florida will enable attorneys to find experts without having to pay a finder’s fee which helps keep litigation costs down.

The directory is free to use; no one has to pay a membership fee or obtain a password to use the Web site. As of June 28, 2006, the site contains 65 expert witnesses and 80 service providers with new members joining daily.

In addition, one out of every ten dollars earned through the Web site will be contributed toward litigation and lobbying efforts to obtain “just laws” for men and women, adults and children, who have been victims of sexual assault. Money not used for litigation/lobbying will be donated to victims’ assistance programs. At the end of every year, JustLaw, Inc. will post how the funds where allocated on its Web site.

About JustLaw, Inc.
Leslie is a former technical writer. She combined her technical and legal expertise to create the Web site www.JustLawFlorida.com.

About Magnetic
Magnetic is a full-service Web development company located in Tampa, Florida. They provide a variety of services including strategic consulting, Web design, e-commerce, database integration, content management, systems integration, Web marketing, and Web hosting. Founded in 1997, Magnetic offers both business and technical expertise to help medium- to large-size businesses achieve greater profitability and sales through the Internet. Current clients include The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Columbia Restaurant, and Student Resources (the largest provider of student insurance in the US). For more information, please visit www.magnetic.com.

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