Tanning Products Of Wide Variety Offered By Sun Labs

CA, USA; Going with the latest trend in tanning, sunbathing is no longer practiced. Rather, self tanning lotions and sprays are the products of the hour. Sunless tan at its best is made possible using this sun tan application by Sun Labs. Health experts have always stressed how harmful the Sun’s UV rays are for the human skin. This has led to the rise in the demand for sunless tanning products.

The self tanning products of Sun Labs include a unique tanning item that is a favorite among users. Easy to apply, this tanning spray from Sun Labs comes in ultra dark shade and can be applied fast and easy. The user cannot only get tanned but can also get rejuvenated skin. The spray solution is available in a one-gallon size container. The product resembles an airbrush tan and can be applied to the body as well as the face and dries fast. The application is light and airy and does not give you a sticky feeling.

Sun Labs Self Tanning Micro Spray is yet another product in the self tanning range that is sold on the site. Made for an easy, even application over the entire body, this self tanner is one of the best of Sun Labs airbrush self tanning items. Very popular with the consumers, this has been voted as the best self tanner on the market today. This spray tan is quick, easy and convenient.

Besides the above products, there are other products such as large, self tanning lotions, overnight self tanning lotion sets, ultra dark self tanning lotion sets and many more. The user can get any tanning items, which are sold on the online portal of Sun Labs. Persons like beauticians and owners of salons can place bulk orders. Get the tanning products of your choice packaged as you want them.

Visit their site to learn more about their products and buying details as well as instructions on how to use the products. Payment details are also provided through secure mediums such as credit cards and PayPal. Contact details for enquires are also offered and you can even call them using the toll free number. An online form is also offered as well as an email ID for correspondence.

Sunless tanning products from Sun Labs are made with the aim providing tanned skin as well as moisturizing it. The site also offers samples in small sizes to help the user select a product and apply it to find out whether it suits the skin and gives the desired tan. This can bring the perfect tanning required by the user and help them place a bulk order.

Sun Laboratories has been one of the most reputed brands in the tanning industry for a long time and is also one of the most dependable tanning products suppliers. The products by Sun Labs are always considered reliable because they are extracted from natural elements. These include elements such as fruit acids, soybean oil and aloe Vera, which are far better than artificial tanning products that make the skin dry due to tanning.

About Sun Laboratories

Sun Laboratories, formerly known as Giesee, was founded in 1983. Well known for its innovative tanning products, Sun Labs has offered a wide range of items for consumers. These are affordable, healthy and reliable enough for use. For more details about the products, visit the site www.sunlabsonline.com.


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