Gothenburg, Sweden, March 24, 2011 –SysTools informs the users about ‘ How to restore records of Excel file’ from situations of corruption and damage, as this software group provides a qualitative Excel Recovery utility program to restore XLS file. This software performs complete Excel Record recovery including texts, charts, merged cells, subtotals and many more. Users can also recover Outlines, exact width and height, actual border style etc with this software. This utility program can completely restore excel file after damage of all types.
Evan Swans (Director of SysTools Software Group) says, “We believe in providing qualitative solution to the users for every possible problem related to database recovery” and Excel Recovery software is one of our qualitative solutions to restore records of Excel file. This software is a complete solution for Excel record recovery.
Users can restore XLS file from all the complex situations with Excel Recovery utility program. It supports all the Windows versions and Excel versions and it recovers all the accurate information of Excel file. This software can also recover deleted information of Excel file.

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