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One outstanding project for Tel Aviv real estate is the Gindi built apartments. Referred to as “The Once in 100 Years Project”: An ultra-modern project integrating quality of life and Tel Aviv flair. Residents will enjoy social, educational, cultural and commercial services, and access to main transport options such as the Ayalon Highway, the light rail station in Begin Street and the Tel Aviv Hashalom train station. Residents can enjoy everything Tel Aviv has to offer, and more.

Dateline: Gindi , Tel Aviv, June 10, 2012 – This project is suitable for a wide range of people who love Tel Aviv real estate: singles, families with children, and older couples whose children have left home.Tel Aviv real estate is up and coming, and so you don’t want to miss out on locating to this great address.

The Gindi Tel Aviv residential complex covers a total area of approximately 55,000m2, with its base elevated approximately 8 meters above street level. This unique building concept creates a focal point for every three buildings, featuring a stylish lobby. The ten residential towers of Gindi Tel Aviv each have 14 stories, and are constructed around a spacious neighborhood park. The complex will also include a school, nine kindergartens and daycare centers, a private play park, and a health & leisure club including several indoor swimming pools, a gym, and more. A museum and sophisticated commercial areas are the finishing touches of this new cultural hotspot, featuring the leading chains and fashion boutiques alongside cafes and restaurants – the best of Tel Aviv, right on your doorstep.

This Tel Aviv real estate project is something you want to investigate now for grand style urban living. To learn more about these modern luxury apartments please click on this web link now:

About Company

The Gindi Group, owned by Moshe and Yigal Gindi and Gindi Investments, is a leading international real estate concern and an innovator in Israel. With 50 years’ experience in the development, marketing and management of large-scale commercial and residential projects, malls and prestigious residential units, the concern manages thousands of apartments and millions of square meters of Israeli and Tel Aviv real estate. It has positioned itself as a trendsetter in Israeli real estate projects. Gindi aspires to perfection and chooses only those projects where it can realize this objective so that its clients can make their dreams come true, with maximum return on their investment.

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