The Benefits of Website Design Leicester

If you’re looking for a great way to promote your business and to improve your profits, then website design Leicester is a great way of doing so. A high quality website will enable you to sell goods (if you run an e-commerce site), or simply to promote your services to a wide range of different potential customers. However, if you’re unsure how to help increase the quality of your website design, then these tips should help you do so.

The page needs to be easy to find. If you’re spending the money on a web designer, you want people to visit your page. You need to promote the website both on and offline. If people don’t know the site exists, they aren’t going to visit it. Online promotion can include banner advertising and search engines, while offline promotion can involve television and radio adverts. If you’ve invested significant money in Website Design Leicester then you want people to be able to find it!

Your website should be clear, and easy to read. When choosing your text and background colours, think very carefully. You don’t want to use backgrounds that obscure your text or use coloured, fancy fonts that are difficult to read. Dark text on a light background is much easier to read than light text on a dark background in many cases. The font size is equally important, as you don’t want your viewers to be straining their eyes to read your website design Leicester.

Navigation should also be clear and simple. If people cannot find their way around your webpage, they’re likely to go off it. Keep your links in visible areas where visitors can find them almost instantly. It is sometimes more effective to go with simple, written links than big flashy ones that jump off the page. Best to be working and simple, than not working and expansive – after all, a modern high quality website should always be based around high quality simplicity.

Keep download times down. Studies have indicated that visitors to any Website Design Leicester based will quickly lose interest in your web site if the majority of a page does not download within 15 seconds. If your business does not have good brand name recognition, it is best to keep your download time as short as possible. Adding animation to your page might improve its aesthetics, making it more eye-catching, but animation graphics tend to be large files which can slow the download time.

Test the download speed of your pages before you go online. If the download time of your page is relatively short and the addition of animation does not increase the download time of your page too drastically, then animation could be a consideration. There are a wide variety of different and cheap software packages online that will help you to measure how efficiently your website is running, meaning that there’s no excuse for it to not be working at it’s best.

Consistency is key. The pages need to look the same throughout the website. If the pages look completely different to each other – such as the colour scheme, fonts, or the text layout – it will look very poor as a webpage and people won’t come back in future. Keeping things such as the text on the left, images on the right, and headings in larger, bolder font, make such a difference. As does the background, one colour on all of the pages will look much better than numerous different colours.

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