The Cold Case of Natalie Wood Heats Up – The growing mystery over the death of Hollywood siren Natalie Wood is gathering steam as more people are talking to police about how the actress may have died.

Natalie Wood drowned in 1981 and the case was reopened two months ago by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office with calls coming to the Police that they describe as “intriguing”.

The captain of the boat upon which Natalie Wood was staying at the time she died has yet to be interviewed, Sheriff’s office spokesmen said. Dennis Davern, the captain of the boat that was owned by Wood and her husband, actor Robert Wagner, reportedly told police that Wagner had waited several hours before calling the Coast Guard after Wood went missing off Catalina Island.

Authorities reportedly have no plans to question the actor at this time, but “who knows where things may go from here tomorrow,” a police spokesman told CNN.

“The investigation is not closed. It’s possible we could yield new information that changes this case,” the sheriff’s spokesman said. “There are leads we’re following up on and have to close them out before we say anything definitive. Sure, there is possible new information that could come out that really changes everything.”

In November, homicide investigators decided to take a new look at one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries after they were contacted by people who claimed they had additional informant with information about the case.

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