The Competitive Magnolia Texas Real Estate Business

This review is for those of you who are searching for magnolia Texas real estate homes. Magnolia homes are just a little cheaper than most other house designs, can be built faster (if you have to move into a new area and in need of a beautiful looking house within a short period of time for instance) and have an elegant look of their own. This 4 bed home with 2 ½ bath tub is more suitable for a single family and has an affordable price. It has a larger living room area (2 stories) with total size of 2225 sq ft.

And to point out the main features – the main bedroom consists of 11×17; second bedroom is slightly different in size which is 14×10, the kitchen 10×12, breakfast room 6×12, and dinning room 9×10. It also has a built in game room upstairs, which is about 14×12 and high ceilings as well. The garages are attached ones (has two garages). The bathroom consists of a master bath, garden tub and a separate shower. This magnolia tx real estate home also consist of a wood flooring, carpets, that are both elegant and well looked after. Although this is not a brand new house but this 2003 built house looks as good as a new one without a doubt. And for those of you who have passion for tennis, exterior design includes a tennis court, larger pool and patio, etc.

For utilities, electric washers, gas dryers and centralized cooling systems are included. In the kitchen you’ll find complete sets of cleaning utilities such as a dishwasher for instance and the Gas sensors and other fire related security systems (smoke detectors, etc) are also embedded. Although there is no fireplace included but the heating system will make sure about the inside temperatures. Still for those of you who are worried about the “look” that fireplace puts into inside of the house, the larger game area and the carpeted living room will fill up those “requirements” to some extend.

And as usual the nearby area includes lots of Magnolia trees (typical magnolia tx scenery) and a lots of open grounds as well. And if you’re moving in with your young kids, then this will be among the best locations because there are at least 4-6 nearby school (elementary, Jr, etc) as well. And as mentioned this is a single family magnolia Texas home which has 4 beds with two bedrooms. So unless you have babies for instance, this cannot be recommended for families with more than 4 members. Anyway, the living room is faced on a very beautiful looking water view which adds that natural substance to the house. This is not a coincident since this was built by a well known magnolia Texas based manufacture and since they have so much knowledge about the nearby surroundings. So, as a result they build or will give you the opportunity to buy a previously built magnolia real estate properties (such as this one) for an affordable price.

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