The death of federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna, found Thursday in a creek in rural Pennsylvania, about 70 miles from his home in suburban Baltimore, is believed to have had his name on several adult websites. The 38-year-old father of two died after being tortured and stabbed as many as 36 times, investigators said. In addition to the adult Web site messages, investigators also are looking into possible debts, sources said.

Investigators have not connected the messages, seeking women for sexual encounters, with Luna’s death, the sources said. Luna’s wife told investigators that her husband had credit cards she did not know about until after his death, the sources said.

Investigators have not developed any solid leads in the case, the sources said.

An autopsy found the assistant U.S. attorney “died of fresh water drowning and multiple stab wounds of the neck and chest” and had been alive but incapacitated when he entered the icy water.

Investigators are asking questions about Luna’s personal life, including his finances, relationships and trips he made in the past month, his father told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Paul D. Luna, 83, said two FBI agents interviewed him for about three hours Saturday.

He said investigators also asked him whether his son had any financial dealings with anyone and whether he was having financial problems.

He also said he was asked about relationships his son may have had but said he did not know of any extramarital affair. His son seemed to be happily married, he said.

Luna’s body was found in a place people have been known to gather to seek other people for sexual encounters, sources said.

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