The Droid Bionic & The Patent Wars

6 September 2011 – – The use of legal rights in the shape of cell phone patents to crush competitors has been highlighted with recent comments regarding Motorola’s Droid Bionic handset and comments made by legal sources regarding legal rights.

Are Google Inc to be immersed in further legal complications with the accusations that Android manufacturers may lose their rights to distribution if they fail to comply with GNU General PUblic Licence requirements.

Comments from Intellectual Property lawyer Edward J Naughton indicate the riesks to Android distributors who commented that Android manufacturers have already lost their licences to distribute GPLed code inside Android handsets.

Google’s $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola’s phone division is seen as a ploy in the patent wars, which will give the Internet giant the ability to counter the battle fought against Google by Apple, which has won an injunction against Samsung that may yet prevent the Korean electronics giant from selling its new iPad competitor product, the Galaxy Tablet, which is powered by Google’s Android platform. Similarly, Samsung is attempting to prevent Apple selling certain products in the US market and the battle over the new Droid Bionic device is yet another sign that not all is well on the legal patent front in the US.

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