The first boycott targets are television advertiser McDonald’s and the…

The first boycott targets are television advertiser McDonald’s and the NBC television network. The boycott demands billions of dollars in apology payments from major media.

LOS ANGELES– LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire –iBoycott, an online advocacy group, today invited consumers to join in a boycott designed to draw attention to two ongoing genocides in Sudan.

The targets of iBoycott’s inaugural campaign are NBC Universal, a division of General Electric and Vivendi, and television advertiser McDonald’s that supports the NBC television network. According to iBoycott President Terrence McCloy, the group chose these companies because of the NBC news division’s insufficient and poor coverage of the Sudan crisis.

“The situation in all of Sudan is horrifying, with three million black Christians dead in south Sudan,” said McCloy, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. “A major boycott is the most powerful social instrument in history. We plan to use it to call attention to this important issue of our times and the scandal of media silence.” iBoycott invites McDonald’s to convene the one-hundred largest television advertisers to address the crisis.

The boycott requires that major media create Congress Television Channel, to give each of the 535 members of Congress individual access every three weeks from anywhere in the world, and launch a Columnists, Commentators and Talk Show Hosts television channel. Both channels would use the television newsmagazine format.

The boycott demands that NBC and four other major media fund double-digit billions of dollars “apology funds” for a genocide recovery trust, and for an awards program for Americans who obtain count-me-in emails from friends. iBoycott may demand the ouster of board members.

The boycott urges Congress to hold televised hearings. iBoycott predicts class-action lawsuits by stockholders and viewers.

The boycott was launched by genocide abolitionists in Los Angeles. iBoycott is located online at blog, based on a founding document titled “Wall Street”. A how-to document, “Wall Street” can be downloaded at iBoycott’s blog. t_full_version.pdf (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser’s address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

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