The Jenna Lyons Legal Battle Draws Fashionistas and Tabloid Attention – Jenna Lyons’ divorce has become the fodder of the tabloids and blogs as the J. Crew creative director with a high profile with a combination of both high- and low-style, sees her marriage to Vincent Mazeau disintegrate.

Lyons’, 42, fortune is being carved up by the separation and the divorce also sees a battle over her son Beckett and her townhouse in Brooklyn.

It’s a mess made even messier by an additional detail: according to NY Post’s Page Six, “we’re told Lyons has fallen in love with another woman who also works in the fashion business.”

Jenna Lyons has been the Company’s President, Executive Creative Director since July 2010, and before that served as Executive Creative Director since April 2010.

Known for her lifestyle and general style, the high profile fashionista will garner continued headlines as her legal battle continues.

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