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“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

MIAMI, FL. September 11, 2011- Frenchy Stars alias Crystal Custom is a company founded by two French natives, Bruce and Terry with its headquarters in downtown, Miami. Crystal Custom is specializes in marketing and promotional sunglasses. Full customizable, exquisite and innovative designs have captured the eyes of trendsetters and icons around the world.

“An unattainable elegance new marketing product is reached with Crystal Custom’ Custom Sunglasses. Each individual piece exudes enthusiasm. Crystal Custom has an in-depth knowledge and appreciation for the importance of details. The dazzling designs combined with the old fashion frame in multy colors, brings an extraordinary added value to the marketing sunglasses. Its styles add dynamism, energy, pure seduction and make a statement. The effects of the precious custom advertising embellishment create mesmerizing, unimaginable and unforgettable product. Crystal Custom’ clever innovative touch illuminates and brings out the stars!”

Crystal Custom is a modern concept of customizing stunning sunglasses to create ones’ desired look has brought fashion, sponsoring, special events, music and entertainment into one.

Clients include LIV Miami “The Best Nightclub on Earth,”- Nikki Beach, and “two of the world’s premiere destination resort hotels,” -The luxurious nightclub Marquee in Las Vegas are among a few of Crystal Custom “exceedingly pleased” clients.

Bruce and Terry describe their product as, “Our Custom Sunglasses is now the best marketing product in the world. At the heart of all we create are charisma, attraction sunglasses.” Both men can be identified by their passion, commitment, product ethics and clear sharp intuitions.

Crystal Custom bring out a real new way for all marketing company, special events, sponsor, sponsoring, nightclubs, party and many more! The new sunglasses can be printed with any kind of message, photos, logos… In the 2 first month, Crystal Custom already made more than 200 000 glasses! Crystal Custom find out that 7 of 10 person that have those glasses, take a photo and post it on many social network! For more info go to

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