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At Premier Kitchen Accessories, we understand the importance of a great kitchen design. However, choosing the right kitchen tables and chairs can prove to be tricky. That’s why we’re here to inform you about our great range, all of which are available at our website here.

The Dart Extending Dining Table: In contemporary kitchen design, one of the most important aspects of new furniture is to combine the modern styles with functionality that enables the tables to suit all situations. The Dart does this superbly well, the glass top and chrome frame bringing the style, and the extendable table meaning that you‘ll have all the space you need when playing the hostess, allowing storage room for a wide variety of dishes, bottles and cans. The ideal kitchen table for a good party!

The Dekka Dining Table: Clear glass is very often the popular choice when it comes to contemporary design, but there are also other options for those seeking modern style. The finest white glass top and our usual excellent chrome stand technology create a kitchen table that is the perfect choice for those seeking to take the truly modernist approach. White glass possesses a truly elegant impression that is ideal when seeking to create a pure and clean image, which is what many people are seeking to achieve with their kitchen and is what gives the Dekka it’s style.

The Hercules Dining Table: If you’ve got a young family, you’ll already appreciate the value of sturdily constructed Kitchen Tables and Chairs– young ones running around can cause all sorts of damage! The Hercules is the ideal choice for you, earning it’s name through our strongest chrome frame and a high class frosted glass top. It’s the perfect choice for those that are family minded, and seeking a table that can offer a really solid construction that will withstand the day to day of family life.

The Cade Dining Table: Sometimes, nothing less than the most stylish design will do. If that sounds like an appealing idea, then the Cade is without doubt the ideal choice. Ultra-modern, the chrome stand is completely unique, and combined with the square glass top presents this table as a true leader in the field of modern kitchen design. The cade would be the ideal companion to a modern young professional’s flat, able to present both the impression of modernity and the definite sense of class.

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