The Press Conference at Real People behind Nicknames

The mutual cooperation between client and essay writer is a key factor of successful custom writing — this is a well known fact for every reliable custom writing company. Just as a professional writer should know the demands of his or her client to meet them — every client should know that their custom writer is neither a robot nor a Harry Potter and cannot write a winning paper out of the blue sky without any directions from the customer. To make this cooperation even stronger, has arranged a unique event: a press conference of academic writers and customers.

Being held live in the office of, the press conference gathered two dozen academic writers; most active clients were invited to the meeting as well as several dozen authors and customers from all over the world who were able to participate in the meeting online.

It all started with a joint talk by several authors on the procedure of ordinary custom writing: it appears that few customers know how exactly their orders are handled. The meeting proceeded with a brief session of Questions and Answers that helped establish mutual understanding of the writing process between authors and clients. The vast majority of the participants left the conference somewhat fascinated. “I never imagined the writer who works for my order is a real person.” one of the customers confessed and then added: “I mean I knew this all the time but to know something and to see a real person is a very different thing.”

For more information on upcoming events as well as the services of the company, please, visit the website or contact the live support team via phone, e-mail or live chat. is a custom writing company that unites several thousand academic writers working both in the office of the company and worldwide. Being a professional writing company, offers a wide range of writing services: from in-depth research and writing the drafts of papers to theoretical help and guidance on academic writing.

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