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Lucas art has brought this game of the galaxy to the screen of us mortals on earth. Space games and space fantasy lovers have been hooked by this game due to its close representation of the space in real. You would experience the real time thrill as you are taken in a journey between celestial bodies right there on your screen. it is different from the other games of the genre for it has a very good story line. If the music and graphics too were left behind the story line would get the interest of the players. Then we have the other different feature of this game that it can also be played in single player mode. This feature holds true for most part of the missions.

In case these features interest you then you could pick up your swtor account from us in easy steps.With your swtor account you would be able to join the virtual cosmonauts and take part in their adventure out there in the deep galaxy. Even though the game is at its beta testing phase right now yet we have the account for you. This gives you an added advantage over your other mates. By the time they are in the know of how this game is played, you would be already in the advanced levels of the fantastic game and also into character creation. With a wow accounts right now, you are in a position to sell the character you develop back to the game and especially for new entrants at a good price. This way you can easily make up the money you had spent for the swtor account and also add a good amount as profit. You get the seal of authenticity and legitimacy if you buy the game account from us at

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We have for you the most secure payment transfer modes. The best firewalls available in the market are running on our servers. This software continuously sniffs the web for frauds and their entry is stopped even before they gain access to our site. This has been possible due to the unstinting efforts put in my all out team technical experts. It is for this reason that we can vociferously claim that ffxiv accounts from our site at would never give you anything else except pure gaming joy and experience. Without any hesitation therefore we ask you to pick up your swtor account from us immediate and start to play the game with relish.

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