The widow of one of Northern Ireland’s best known lawyers told today how thousands of pounds raised by her late husband’s colleagues will fund research into skin cancer. Members of the legal profession raised an astonishing £38,000 for the Malignant Melanoma Research Fund.

Maura Cushinan, whose top barrister husband John QC died from malignant melanoma – one of the province’s fastest incidence rising cancers – said she believed a cure for the illness could be found through research.

In a speech to the Bar Council in the Bar Library, Mrs Cushinan said: “Through your immense generosity, you provide the gift of hope with every penny pledged to John’s Memorial Fund.

“John’s illness and death have been a tragedy for us all, especially our dear children Maria and Jack.

“But I do believe that a cure for malignant melanoma can be found through research.

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