Thought About Paralegal Certification? Paralegals have new career opportunities

Paralegal Certification the paralegal certificate website reports on the growth in paralegal careers, reporting on a UK report that indicates
last year in the UK there were 2,657 Bar Professional Training Course applicants of whom 1,432 were successful.

The three main paralegal bodies – the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX), NALP and the Institute of Paralegals (IOP) – have more than 35,000 members between them, with NALP and IOP expecting their memberships to double in the next few years. LegalWeek quoted IOP director James O’Connell who said that 44% of the fee-earning population are now paralegals and he commented that they will soon be the majority.

The growth in paralegal career opportunities is one that presents many law graduates who are finding it difficult to find a law job with the opportunity to embrace a challenging and increasingly popular new career through the ‘paralegal route’

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