Tool for Multiple Table Recovery of SQL Server 2005 Now Purchasable With Discount

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 14, 2011: – Via this release the organization takes great pleasure and pride of informing the users regarding the discount being provided with the SQL Recovery software application that is capable of performing not only single but multiple table recovery SQL Server 2005 databases. Soon after being updated the software started to support the ability of recovering multiple tables at a time with the multi threading feature.

And with this festive season the company has offered the users with a special discount offer that lets the users to buy the SQL Recovery software application with discounted price up to 30% i.e. the users can choose between 10, 20, and 30 percent of discount. The users can opt from the provided ratio as to what amount of discount would they like to benefit them with.

Every year the organization used to offer a special type of scheme with the software and this time it had to be something really different from the past years’ schemes. Hence, a temporary committee, which included all of the renowned and celebrated members and chiefs of the prominent departments, gathered in an informal meet to decide the new idea of celebrating the Christmas Eve and New Year celebration with the tool that performs multiple Table Recovery of SQL Server 2005 database.

Finally, after mutual understanding and agreement it was decided that this time the users will be surprised with a discount offer that ranges from 10% of discount to 30% of discount that too applicable on all the three licenses under which the tool is buyable i.e. Personal, Business and Enterprise License respectively.

Evan Swans the director of product development said regarding the offer as: “The implementation of the scheme was done with the acceptance of the very idea by all the members of the committee. Additionally, the SQL Recovery tool has been one of the most sold out software applications of the organization.”

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