Tool for Outlook Consolidate Inboxes Process Manifested to be best

Gothenburg, Sweden, January4, 2011: This release is shared with the users to inform them that in an in held seminar organized by the company to discuss more ways of PST management, it has been revealed out that for management of Outlook PST file database in finest manner, PST merge is the best option. The seminar was joined by famous online advisors that suggest user’s different modes to manage PST file database. When asked about the most entrusted tool that they recommend to the users, 80% of the professional raised hands or PST Merge software for Outlook consolidate inboxes, contacts, calendars, journals and other email item merging process.
Evan Swans, Director of the company states: “In order to serve our users with the best, it is necessary that we know what is the most likable option for the users to manage PST file data. For that reason, a seminar was conducted which was joined by professionals that work in the domain of PST management. On an enlarge discussion of the topic, consolidation of multiple PST files into single PST file emerged out as the best option to manage Outlook database. We feel glad to know that our PST Merge software for Outlook consolidate inboxes and other email items is a favorite option for most of the professionals to consolidate PST file items. “
Susan Kaet, Web Team Director says: “Until we get to know the actual problem and the expected solution, we cannot design the exact product or the users that suits their requirement. For that reason, we try to remain in touch with user’s problems and the probable solution for their troubles. The seminar was organized for the same purpose and proved to be beneficial as we got to know what users demand when it comes to management of PST database and we are happy to know that our tool to consolidate inboxes and other email items is proved to be the best solution for the users in this domain.” To know more-

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