Tool That Solves How To Consolidate Outlook Email Files Query, Surpasses Survey

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 17, 2011: – This release helpfully informs all the users as well as the non users of the PST Merge software application about the successful completion of the survey by the tool that helpfully resolves the query ‘how to consolidate Outlook email files’. The PST Merge tool participated in a technical survey which was conducted by the director of its product development itself. The survey was conducted on most of the popular service providing and software providing websites in order to let all the users to know about the conduction of the survey and place their precious point of views too.
The survey participation included most of the highly renowned software developing company’s participation that were equipped with a reliable PST Merge software application that allows users to know how to consolidate Outlook email files into a single file. The company name for each software features were kept concealed from the users who were going to vote in the polling and survey. Even after hiding the names of the respective company for each of the software application, most of the users chose the PST Merge software lineaments as the most advanced yet easy to understand features.
The selection was decided after the completion of the month long survey and the results proved to be quite satisfactory for all the participants as every company was voted for the specialty their tool to consolidate Outlook email files had.
Evan Swans, Director Product Development was cited as saying: “The Split PST software has always been one of the highly used software applications as the tool lets the users know how to consolidate Outlook email files together. The tool has now also proved its potential by being chosen as one of the most technical and easily operable software for the PST Merge process which is highly appreciable.” To know more: –

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