Tool To Decrease PST File Size Participates In The Software Trade Show

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 17, 2011: – The Company takes the initiative of informing the users as well as the non users about the trade show participation done by the Split PST tool that is helpful to decrease PST file size. The trade show was specifically held for the software organizations that had any topnotch quality software application for exhibition.

The trade show attracted most of the renowned and common individuals from the IT arena as the participation list not only included the small scale software industries but also the large scale software organizations like the developers of Split PST software application that lets the users know how to decrease PST file size. Each software application was put on exhibition by their respective organizations and the Split PST software team proved their intelligence by displaying the process to decrease PST file size into small parts through demo version i.e. the decrease PST file size free of cost version via a projector which drew in the attention of a lot of attendees.

By demonstrating the working of the trial version the software; company gained a lot of business also, as many of the attendees booked the software in advance and being the attendees of the yearly software trade show everyone who booked the tool in advance through the trade show got discounts on any of the software application they wished to buy as cross promotion was also a part of the trade show.
The trade show was held at the product development centre of the organization which developed the Split PST software application. Hence, most of the buyers got the opportunity of interacting with the software developers and share knowledge with the heads of the lab team, product development team’s members and respective heads also.

Evan Swans, Director Product Development said regarding the success of the trade show: “The yearly software trade show ended successfully as it was expected by all the organizers. As the venue of the trade show was none other than the product development head quarters; it was comfortable for the Split PST software team members to choose their set up.”

About SysTools: The organization has plenty of advanced tools like; Outlook to Notes, PDF Bates Numberer etc. Whereas the Split PST software successfully helps to decrease PST file size.

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