Top Information Classification and Management Provider Teams With L…

Top Information Classification and Management Provider Teams With Leading Expert Legal Services Firm

AUSTIN, Texas-LAWFUEL – Law Technology News -StoredIQ, Inc. the leading provider of automated Information Classification and Management (ICM) solutions, and LECG, LLC, the globally recognized expert legal services provider, today formally announced at the LegalTech® Conference in New York an alliance to deliver a comprehensive and advanced electronic discovery (e-discovery) solution to address the increase in litigation costs and risks introduced by the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

Under the recently implemented FRCP, litigants must understand their electronically stored information (ESI) early in the litigation. The new rules mandate that litigants address ESI at the onset of the case by making initial disclosures about their ESI. Also, parties must negotiate complex electronic discovery issues at an early “pre-discovery conference,” such as whether or not data is “inaccessible,” the scope of preservation, and the format of production of ESI, among other things. In today’s environment, organizations cannot readily comply with the new rules without an automated solution.

Today’s announced solution enables companies to comply with the new FRCP by combining StoredIQ’s ICM technology with LECG’s consulting services. The solution directly addresses the FRCP’s requirements for mapping, preserving, collecting, and producing potentially relevant ESI.

The StoredIQ solution ensures that potentially relevant data is located and identified by StoredIQ’s advanced classification technology, then automatically preserved in a “Legal Vault” on an integrated EMC® Centera® Content-Addressed Storage (CAS) platform. Attorneys then make potentially relevant information available for review. The complete solution includes the hardware, software and e-discovery expertise required to create a legally defensible litigation discovery methodology.

The StoredIQ/EMC Centera offering, comprised of a drop-shippable, deployment-ready system, bundled with LECG’s consulting services, can deliver functionality in hours or days, rather than weeks or months, and addresses a market need that is expected to reach over $4.8 billion by 2011(1).

“Every piece of electronically stored information is a potential legal risk,” said Kirke Snyder, founding director of the E-Discovery Practice at LECG. “Getting to that information and preserving it in an automated fashion, quickly and cost-effectively, is absolutely essential to containing costs, as well as complying with the recent changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures.”

“Companies want to cut costs reacting to discovery demands that have skyrocketed in recent years. Legal departments want a complete solution for discovering, classifying, managing and protecting important legal information,” said Keith Zoellner, CTO at StoredIQ. “The StoredIQ solution provides a solid platform and clear chain of custody for legal data and LECG has years of experience in discovery consultation that greatly augments the StoredIQ offering and further benefits both IT and legal users .”

StoredIQ and LECG are providing demonstrations of the StoredIQ/EMC Centera e-discovery solution in booth 428 at the 2007 ALM LegalTech Conference in New York City on January 29-31, 2007 at the New York Hilton Hotel.

(1) Forrester Research, “Believe It — eDiscovery Technology Spending To Top $4.8 Billion By 2011,” December 11, 2006, by Barry Murphy

About StoredIQ

StoredIQ is a leading software provider of enterprise information classification and management solutions. These solutions automate the discovery, classification, protection, and storage of business information enabling business and government organizations to substantially reduce risk while lowering storage and administrative costs. StoredIQ brings content-aware intelligence and action-based policies to the e-Discovery, Records Management, and information lifecycle management (ILM) process so organizations can effectively understand and manage their internal information based on value and risk. The company was founded in 2001, is privately held and is located in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit

About LECG, Inc.

LECG is a global expert services firm with over 950 experts and professionals in 36 offices around the world. The firm provides independent expert testimony, original authoritative studies, and strategic advisory services to clients including Fortune Global 500 corporations, major law firms, and local, state, and federal governments and agencies around the world. LECG’s highly credentialed experts and professional staff conduct economic and financial analyses to provide objective opinions and advice that help resolve complex disputes and inform legislative, judicial, regulatory, and business decision makers. LECG’s experts are renowned academics, former senior government officials, experienced industry leaders, and seasoned consultants. (NASDAQ:XPRT) For more information, visit

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