Transcendental Meditation Receives Heightened Awareness – Following the Oprah Endorsement – Transcendental mediation has been receiving heightened publicity recently following news that celebrity Oprah Winfrey has become devoted to the popular practice, but few may understand how transcendental mediation can help them with their jobs, their careers and their lives.

For professionals, for instance, it is clear that the health and psychological benefits of TM are such that some firms actively encourage its practice because of the
benefits in health of employees as well as greater creativity and productivity.

Transcendental meditation is also playing a greater role with educational institutions. For instance reprots that schools are increasingly using it to help reduce behavioral problems with students as well as assist with academic work is gaining ground also.

Celebrities have long practised TM with film producer David Lynch also recently talking about the benefits of the practise, but many have not been prepared to adopt something seen as too Eastern and even ‘wacky’.

However for many business and professional people there is abundant evidence that transcendental mediation is extremely helpful in problem solving and work productivity.

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