Trips On A Luxury Barge Paris

Riverboat cruises and ocean cruises are great recreational ways of water travel, but many consider luxury barge trips, while living in barge hotels, a far greater experience than either. In Paris, barge enthusiasts explain the difference between luxury bar cruises and other cruising in many ways.

Paris being considered the centre of architecture, art, history, romance, wine and gourmet cuisine, also offers an ideal location for cruising. The slow and soothing pace of the luxurious journeys in bateaux paris and barges appeals to your need for serenity. You can experience this if you opt for a river cruise starting from Paris over the river Seine and into Normandy. For this, you will cruise up the Rhone River through bright and sunny Provence, along the Canal de Bourgogne in Burgundy, across Camargue. Alternately, you can travel on Canal du Midi in Languedoc. The regions of Alsace and Champagne are also two worth seeing places. And if you are a Renaissance enthusiast, you will majorly enjoy the Loire valley with its abundance of Renaissance chateaus.

Moreover, a barge can travel the narrow canals, which are man-made and which can’t be explored on a big cruiser. If you are more interested in seeing the less travelled routes via canals and explore the countryside deeper, a luxury barge could offer a great, unforgettable experience. The countryside can be explored through walks into the villages near the shore, or a leisurely on foot trip along the canal tow path and visits to small vineyards. When visiting a vineyard, do taste the wine. Another activity is to go to the local market and look for some cultural gear that you may like.

In a barge hotel, you can get a great feel of the local culture. Trips on a luxury barge Paris are characterized by an on board chef who prepares special gourmet meals every day accompanied with the season’s produce. Delicious wine is part and parcel of a luxury barge Paris. Various flavors of wine are offered with many different cheeses. On board a luxury péniche Paris it is made sure that you get to experience the ever famous French hospitality with every meal of the day.

Barges usually accommodate four to twelve people typically. People charter them to travel with friends and family. Many luxury cruises are theme based. Some common themes are golf, bicycle and of course, wine. But you can also get themes set according to your liking such as art & painting or chocolate and wine for example.

When a barge is slowly cruising along the old canals, you feel that the time for you has acquired the same pace. It gets you far away from the daily grind of everyday life and relaxes you to the utmost degree. It rejuvenates your senses and gives you a new vigor for life. A river barge cruise has the capability of preparing you again to face the challenges life offers. Not only this, but you will also be left with ever lasting memories of this great trip!

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