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CA, USA Sun Labs is an established online store that sells tanning products like airbrushes, sprays and gels for tans in various shades from light brown to extra dark. Their range of products for self-tanning is easy to use and very effective for long-term use. The products are available in many forms to suit all skin types and textures. With Sun Labs tanning products that coveted bronzed look isn’t a distant dream anymore.

Customers can choose from a wide range of airbrush tanning kits, indoor tanning products, face-only tans, body tanning packs, self tanning products and body care products. The Sun Labs self tanning product range is the ultimate experience in skin art. With these products, users can get a tan of their choice within a short span of time and in the comfort of their home. The products contain hydrating moisturizers and sun-blocks to protect the skin from damage.

Indoor tanning products include tan accelerators to modify and darken existing tans. Maximizer lotions and gels are also on sale for stimulating Melanin formulation for the darkest tan possible. Face-only tanning is mainly for temporary use on the face alone. These products contain active anti-aging and anti-wrinkle add-ons.

In addition to body tanning products, Sun Labs products also include body care products like body gels, hand creams and cleansing gels. The range also includes purifying scrubs and exfoliating lotions. For users, who opt for sunless self-tanning, Sun Labs offers a wide range of shades that can be easily applied and used at home? The products can be used overnight and also come in great combo packs of tanner, maximize and sun blocks.

Sun Labs products are easily and readily available online. The products are formulated and packaged in California and shipped widely across the world. Users and prospective buyers can log on to and register as users. The next step is to add all the products they wish to buy to their ‘shopping cart’. The online store accepts all major credit cards. The purchased products are shipped on priority basis.

Sun Labs has exciting seasonal offers on its products from time to time. Packages containing a range of tanning and body care products are available at lower prices. These packages are cost effective and are popular among buyers from many nations. Ease of purchase and ease of use of tanning products has proven to be the most prominent selling point for Sun Labs products.

Sun Labs range of tanning and self-tanning products are a newer and wider range of products painstakingly manufactured to cater to the expanding market for tanning products. Tanning, and especially self-tanning, is no longer considered expensive and time consuming. More details about the growing range of tanning products are available in user-friendly formats at


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