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TsuBot (pronounced “Sue-bought”) from Tsunami Trading Educators, Inc. is a fantastic piece of trading software that is easy (and downright FUN) to use! Let’s face it: Trading is a tough business, and trading the Forex market is certainly no exception. Even professionals find it very challenging and cannot guarantee any exact results. However, using TsuBot – our “automated trading assistant software” – takes out two major problems all traders experience.

The first very MAJOR problem that traders need to address is the issue of making emotional decisions when they trade. One study reported that Forex traders make 60 percent of their trading decisions based on a purely emotional reaction. That’s not good. This is a very nasty trading habit that is a KILLER to your trading account!

Our TsuBot trading software can solve this problem by making trading decisions based completely on objective (non-emotional), logical evaluations of the current conditions in the market. With TsuBot at your side, there is no need to factor in a horde of outside, non-related criteria. With TsuBot on your side you can trade 100% mechanically. Your trades become “systematic” and more consistent.

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Our mechanical and logical approach to trading also helps traders with the second major problem that Forex traders suffer from: Stress.

TsuBot approaches trading from a different angle by looking at what IS happening in the various markets, rather than taking a “what-if” stance. This actually results in a more accurate prediction of market movement and results in a better way to make money trading the Forex markets. When TsuBot detects a high-profit trade, it provides you with your Buy and Sell signals via a pop-up window, an audible alert, and an email. It also provides you with 3 highly-achievable profit targets, and your Stop-Losses. There is no guesswork. While nothing can completely eliminate the risks in trading, TsuBot dramatically reduces the risks by making logical decisions, thereby reducing your stress level.

Why Should You Use the Tsunami Trading System to Trade the Forex?

– You trade to make money. TsuBot works right along beside you while you trade to find the profitable trades you are looking for.
– It is fun to participate in the Forex markets when your stress level is low, and the power of TsuBot does all of the “hard” work for you. You simply sit back and wait for the trades to come to you, then place the orders on your broker’s trading platform.
– It is easy to learn how to trade the Forex market with TsuBot. There is no lengthy learning period required. TsuBot is so simple you can be up and confidently trading in a very short time.

How Tsunami-Trade Forex trading system works:

TsuBot looks at Price, Volume, and Momentum (the only 3 things you find in every market in real time) – which is the underlying buying and selling “pressure” in the markets. While it is true that the Forex market is different in the sense that there is no “Centralized Exchange” as there is in trading stocks and futures, and therefore doesn’t directly report volume information, our whiz-bang guys at Tsunami Trading have cleverly found a “proxy” for volume that allows TsuBot to deliver highly-accurate trade calls for the Forex markets.

What the Tsunami Trading System Offers:

– You receive TsuBot which provides you with a 100% mechanical, completely objective trading system that provides everything you need to take a trade. This includes your entry direction, your entry price, price targets, and stop-losses.

– You receive LIVE, hands-on training for the software via our training room 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Additionally you are provided with training videos to get you up and running quickly. You are never left alone to “guess” what you should do when using our software.

– With TsuBot you can trade beyond the Forex markets! In fact, you can just as easily trade stocks, bonds, futures, and ETFs as you do the Forex. TsuBot has been designed to work in ALL markets and in ALL time-frames. As we like to say, “As long as you can get the data for a market, TsuBot will work on that market!”

– TsuBot has been designed to work for ALL types of traders. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Day Trader, a Swing Trader, a Position Trader, or Scalper, TsuBot will work for your style of trading.

– With TsuBot you can trade the various markets concurrently. This means you can trade Forex, Stocks, and Futures all at the same time! Simply pull up a chart of the market you want to trade, and then insert TsuBot onto the chart as you would a simple moving average. TsuBot then begins its magic analyzing the market. When it sees a trade you are notified up to 3 different ways of that trade. Your job then is an easy one: simply place the trade!

– You get unlimited Tech Support via phone, email, and in our live training sessions.

With TsuBot, anyone can begin to trade and make intelligent trading decisions in a short period of time – and have a low-stress, FUN experience in the process!

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