Tulsa Arrests May Not Dull Fears Among Black Community

The Tulsa Police have said two males have been arrested in respect of the North Tulsa shooting that claimed three lives. Those arrested were Jake England, 19 and Alvin Watts, 32 who will be chargwed with three murder counts and two counts of shooting with intent to kill

Fox News reported that the black population had been fearful of what had occurred.

“It’s got everybody on edge,” said Louis Johnson, 24. “Everybody is saying the same thing — it’s a white guy in a white pickup or a Tahoe,” Fox reported.

Barber Charles Jones, 40, said the north side has had its share of crime problems, but residents have never faced a series of random killings like these.

“It’s pretty shocking,” Jones said. “We’ve never had any serial-type stuff.”

At a neighborhood park a couple of blocks from two of the shootings, parents kept close watch over their kids during an Easter egg hunt.

The Tulsa shooting arrests will help calm fears, but doubtless distrust and uncertainty will continue to cloud relationshps between the Police and that black community.

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