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Two Men and a Truck is one of the best removals Sydney service providers in Australia. The company has a fleet of trucks in various sizes. So this company answers every need of relocation. The company specializes in relocation of houses, offices, factories, and single items. The company is a well-known name in furniture removals Sydney in Australia. The service is offered at very competitive prices. These prices are calculated by the parameters of time and travel cost to the company. Hourly rates are applied. The second parameter is the travel fees that this company charges. These are also known as depot to depot fee. Customers can check with their website to get a clear estimate of all the charges involved. The rates also depend on several other factors, such as the type a customer chooses for furniture removals. Customers can choose their options online also. The courteous company staff also helps the customers with problems and answers their questions. The company has a facility of ‘relocation consultants.’ These are experts and consult clients in cases of larger moves.

The company has four relocation plans. Their charges vary according to weekdays and weekends. Customers can choose the one they like.

1. The Utility Truck And Two-Men Plan: This plan is the most suitable for small and internal furniture moves. The vehicle offered in this plan is an open mini truck, which is 1.8 meters wide and 2.4 meters long.
2. The Three-Tonne Truck And Two-Men Plan: This plan can be used for small offices and apartments. The truck offered under this plan is 3.2 meters tall, 4.2 meters long, and 2.4 meters wide. Its holding capacity is approximately 20 cubic meters.
3. The Six-Tonne Truck And Three-Men Plan: This is suitable for large-sized apartments and houses. The truck provided under this plan is 3.5 meters tall. 6.4 meters long, 2.2 meters high, and 2.4 meters wide. The holding capacity is approximately 36 cubic meters.
4. The Nice Tonne Truck And Four-Men Plan: This plan is very useful for large offices and houses. The truck provided for furniture removals Sydney has a holding capacity of 58 cubic meters. It is 11 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, and 3 meters tall.

About The Company

The furniture removals Sydney Company, Two Men and a Truck, were founded in 1993. The company is a family owned business. Very soon it became the most reputed relocation company in Australia. The furniture removals Sydney company has its head office in St Leonard’s, NSW, and four branch offices in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. They specialize in small distance moves but can handle long distance ones with equal efficiency. There are many happy customers who always prefer this company to furniture removals Sydney.

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