The UMCQ’s response to the High Court’s “anti-bikie” ruling

The UMCQ's response to the High Court's "anti-bikie" ruling 2

United Motorcycle Council of Queensland barrister Wayne Baffsky said today’s High Court ruling to uphold the state’s “anti-rights” laws was a “heavy blow” for the people of Queensland, but vowed not to give up the legal fight.


“Queenslanders will not benefit from these anti-rights laws and I fear that neither will the crime rates,” Mr Baffsky said.


“What we can expect to happen now is that innocent people will continue to be put behind bars and hard working people will lose their livelihood.”


Mr Baffsky said despite the seeming finality of a High Court decision, he was determined not to let Queenslanders’ rights be stripped away.


“This fight is far from over. We believe there are further arguments to be put forward and we are already exploring other ways of appealing the laws,” he said.


UMCQ spokesperson Mick Kosenko said it was a sad day for motorcycle clubs and their families.


“There is no doubt these laws are having a negative impact on local communities and significant impacts for many innocent people,” Mr Kosenko said.


“The UMCQ is devastated by this outcome, but we won’t be giving up. We will find other avenues to contest these unjust and ineffective laws.”


Similar laws developed by the New South Wales Government were overturned by the High Court in 2009. However just last month the High Court in Canberra upheld NSW bikie consorting laws introduced by the state government in 2012.


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