Unclaimed Property Claims near $500K in Oklahoma State – Attorney News

Unclaimed property is growing at a rapid pace in Oklahoma. The state treasurer’s office has estimated that around $260 million in cash and valuables are waiting to be claimed. Oklahoma Treasurer Scott Meacham says some Oklahomans have become a bit richer. Meacham says cash and stocks worth more than $175,000 was found for 310 people during the 2009 Tulsa State fair.

As with every state, Oklahoma decided to have its own unclaimed property program and on July1, 2000 the State Treasurer assumed responsibility for managing the unclaimed property in Oklahoma.

Apart from cash, unclaimed property included valuables, jewelry, stock certificates, coin collections and any unpaid state and federal unredeemed compensation. The Oklahoma treasurer’s office maintains an exhaustive list of around 350,000 people who have unclaimed cash or property against their name.

Unclaimed property in Oklahoma can reach the treasurer’s office because of various reasons such as safe deposit box contents being unclaimed for a number of years, unredeemed stocks and bonds, unclaimed royalties, excess utility deposits which were not redeemed, dormant checking or savings accounts and uncashed money orders.

Real Estate and building do not fall under the purview of Unclaimed property. A change in domestic conditions or an administrative fault can also lead to a cash or property being unclaimed -e.g. marriage break up, misspelled names, businesses going bankrupt, banks getting dissolved, unexpected migration or relocation of jobs, address changes without prior notification, death, post office errors.

In Oklahoma, unclaimed property report is listed twice in newspapers and is also available at www.ok.gov/unclaimed. According to the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act – You may access these FREE OF CHARGE at Oklahoma Supreme Court Network or through the Legislative Service Bureau. The claim for cash or unclaimed property can be made at any point of your discovery. The unclaimed database is easily searchable by last name, business name and city name.

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