UniPapers.org Writers Compete in Science Fiction Contest for a ‘High Season’ Break

It is a bracing smack in the face to try one’s hand at a completely unfamiliar writing genre. To keep the ‘high season’ atmosphere dynamic, UniPapers.org is staging a science fiction short story contest. This will garner prizes for winners and benefits for customers of our academic support services.

This is an intense and demanding time for UniPapers.org writers, meeting the writing project needs of customers all over the globe. We know staff can begin to operate on autopilot. We try all sorts of strategies to keep the energy and creativity high. UniPapers.org is exploiting our professional writers’ competitive streak with a science fiction short story contest. This is a rare type of assignment (although one came through this month!), and so all the writers are equally prepared. The theme is Utopia, or its obverse, Dystopia. Our best-read writers and editors will award prizes in several categories, among them ‘the future’ and ‘alternative reality’. Prizes include bonuses and time off (after ‘high season’!). Those not selected will have stretched their writing skills constructively. Our customers will the chief beneficiaries. The range of styles that our writers practice enhances their ability to help our clients with all their academic challenges.

UniPapers.org has held writing contests before, and you can find out about them on our website. Check out http://unipapers.org.

About Us:

This is a demanding business, requiring a consistent level of creativity and synthesis. UniPapers.org begins by recruiting fine professional writers, and continues by keeping their experience vibrant any way we can. The result is a flexible and experienced staff that can handle almost any type of assignment, and in all subject areas. Original quality is UniPapers.org writers’ goal.

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