University of Miami to Host International & Comparative Law Review Symposium

(LAWFUEL) – A Series of Perspectives on Emerging Issues in Chinese Law


The International and Comparative Law Review will be hosting a symposium on emerging issues in Chinese law. The live speaker series will feature several speakers discussing Chinese media regulation and Chinese Intellectual Property Law, as well as other speakers addressing important issues in Chinese law.

Speakers include: Professor Stephen Everhart, Stetson University College of Law Professor

Professor Tahirih Lee, Florida State University

Julia Yarbough, Emmy-award winning journalist who co-anchors the NBC 6 evening news

Professor Wei Lou, Lecturer in Law and Director of Technical Services, Washington University School of Law

Stephen M. Gaffigan, Esq., Ft. Lauderdale attorney who focuses on international law

Vincent Li, Esq., attorney at Diaz, Reus & Targ, LLP with deep experience in international trade, business and law in U.S. and China

Brant Hadaway, Esq., an international law attorney from Diaz, Reus & Targ, LLP. He focuses on international and domestic commercial litigation and arbitration, deceptive trade practices, insurance coverage and maritime law.

Topics include: Is China about to Collapse: A Response to the 2001 book “The Coming Collapse of China” by Gordon Chang; Legal History of Chinese Media Regulation in the Past 100 Years; Chinese Media Regulation During the Summer 2008 Olympics; Chinese Government Structure, Judicial System, and Sources of Law; The Dangers of Doing Business in China: Chinese Intellectual Property Laws & Enforcement; Recent Chinese Court Decisions Addressing “Original Equipment Manufacturer” Transactions; and How to Protect Trademark & Trade Secrets: Discussion of a Complex Pending Case.


March 28, 2009

The Symposium will be held at the School of Law, Room E-352. A free catered lunch will be provided in the Student Lounge. There is no charge for attendance.


Please RSVP to [email protected]

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