US Law Firm Haynes & Boone Pro Bono Team Obtains Freedom for Wrongly Convicted Murder Defendants

(Lawfuel) – DALLAS – A pair of Mexican nationals imprisoned for life in a 1996 Texas Panhandle murder have been freed after a six-year Haynes and Boone, LLP pro bono effort won an appeals court mandate for new trials.
Left to right: Ron Breaux, Barry McNeil, Jesus Ramirez,
Alberto Sifuentes and Sarah Teachout.
Lamb County grand jurors refused to reindict Alberto Sifuentes and Jesus Ramirez in the killing of a Littlefield, TX convenience store clerk in light of a Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruling earlier this year reversing and vacating their convictions.
After five hours of hearing evidence, the grand jury took only ten minutes to no-bill Mr. Sifuentes and Mr. Ramirez.
Armed with certified copies of a judge’s dismissal of all charges against the defendants, the Haynes and Boone pro bono defense team – Barry McNeil, Ron Breaux and Sarah Teachout – secured their release from the Lamb County jail. The two men were met by joyous family members who had gathered from across the country in anticipation.
“This is a great day for these two unfortunate men,” said Mr. McNeil, who led the Haynes and Boone fight for Mr. Sifuentes, 35, and Mr. Ramirez, 59. “It’s sad they were prosecuted in the first place.
“There was no physical evidence whatsoever linking Alberto and Jesus to the crime, and the prosecutor’s case hinged on false testimony by a so-called eye witness who was not at the crime scene when she supposedly saw the killers,” Mr. McNeil said. “How tragic it is that Alberto and Jesus have been deprived of their freedom for more than a decade. Our state and our country cannot afford mistakes like this. Each one is a horrible tragedy for both the victim’s family and the wrongly accused.”
Haynes and Boone’s pro bono team spent 7,493 hours working on the men’s cases. Firm time devoted to the case equates to about $2.35 million. The firm also spent more than $400,000 on private investigative services, exhibit preparation and other expenses for the cases.

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