USARiseUp: Belonging to Our Roots and Our Social Identity

Kansas City, Missouri January 26, 2010—Despite our country’s growth, racial issues continue to arise for every ethnic groups. In a large, culturally diverse society such as ours, it can be difficult for a person to establish and maintain a sense of belonging and cultural identity, regardless of ethnic background. The eZine, USARiseUp, offers everyone the opportunity to express themselves regarding these challenges and become informed about issues being faced by not only their own ethnic group, but all those that exist in our society.

The eZine USARiseUp was founded with the mission “to provide a forum where everyone can engage in an ongoing conversation about race matters.” The magazine aims to bring out dialogue regarding touchy ethnicity issues that people may not feel comfortable talking about in other forums. The monthly publication includes articles and features on subjects ranging from business and ethnic publications to cultural identity and ethnic education in order to increase cultural communication.

In addition to this downloadable publication, USARiseUp also maintains a website, primarily utilized to encourage readers in racial discussion. This is done through weekly blogs, the ability for readers to comment on articles/blogs, and forums for readers to post questions, observations and conversations regarding cultural identity. A popular section of the site is Sticky Wicket Questions, where readers’ questions about racial, cultural and religious differences are addressed directly by psychologists, sociologists, cultural researchers and other professionals.

USARiseUp provides these opportunities for readers in order for them to understand each other’s cultures and make them feel connected to one another.

“We, at USARiseUp, believe that if we have an ongoing opportunity to learn more about each other, we can gain a better understanding of our differences, find great comfort in what we have in common and build a strong foundation upon which we can bridge our divisions,” writes USARiseUp founder, Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D.

Through USARiseUp, people can begin to see their connection to the world. They will begin to understand that despite our innumerable cultural differences, we are all connected.
About RiseUp was formed the summer of 2008 as a weekly print publication and arrived on a crowded media stage, chock-a-block with dailies, weeklies and magazines. Its focus is race — a “beat” often overlooked by the mainstream press — and it promised to offer a fresh take on it. It has appeared as an insert in 12 papers including the New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, among others. Despite an overwhelming response and a circulation of 4 million, a few issues later, a cash crunch forced it to disappear. A year (and many teardrops) later, in May 2009, it reappeared — as USARiseUp.
USARiseUp, the digital offspring of RiseUp, is an online magazine about race and ethnicity that celebrates people of different cultures and color. Its physical home is located in the American heartland, in Kansas City, Missouri.
For more information, visit the website at You can also contact us by mail at 4435 Main Street, Suite 920, Kansas City, MO 64111 or by telephone at 1-816-561-5200.

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