Offers Unique Perspective on Race, Values, and American Culture

Kansas City, Missouri October 15, 2009— Now entering its second year, is building a strong community and Internet presence that encourages debate and discussion about race relations, ethnic customs, and cultural identity.

Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, offers readers the opportunity to talk about culture, submit topics, and share stories of life in America and all over the world. It focuses heavily on comparing the state of the US racial landscape, looking at different sections of the country and even outside the country for eye-opening comparisons and discussion.

The website’s writers and overall tone is extremely open-minded, though no punches are pulled and the ugly reality of cultural prejudice is presented with honesty. Blogs and articles are used to examine why prejudices among ethnic groups exist, how to combat them, and how racial issues divide the United States while bringing its people together. It’s also a place to share and enrich one’s cultural values with a wide range of readers. Multiethnic society, multi ethnic community, and multicultural perspective are other major themes of

“The website is not intended to make people angry or promote any intense prejudices,” a representative for said. “We’re looking to do the opposite. If people have a place on the web to go where they can communicate about the differences between cultures, races, and ethnic groups, that will lead to better communication and in turn a better, more respectful, and more open-minded society. People want to understand each other, and we’re hoping to help with that.”

Cultural development is a big theme of Each post deals with a different issue, very often from a different perspective, as readers and staff debate or simply discuss topics, values, and ways that individuals and communities can promote communication about topics that can sometimes get very heated.

Unique perspectives are presented daily on the website from dozens of different writers of different cultural backgrounds, and its growing reader base is invited to contribute topics and discussion to [email protected]

About RiseUp: was formed the summer of 2008, a weekly print publication, arrived on a crowded media stage, chock-a-block with dailies, weeklies and magazines. Its focus was race—a “beat” often overlooked by the mainstream press—and it promised to offer a fresh take on it. It appeared as an insert in 12 papers including the New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, among others. Despite an overwhelming response and a circulation of 4 million, a few issues later, a cash crunch forced it to disappear. A year (and many teardrops) later, in May 2009, it reappeared—as USARiseUp.

USARiseUp, the digital offspring of RiseUp, is an online magazine about race and ethnicity that celebrates people of different cultures and color. Its physical home is located in the American heartland, in Kansas City, Missouri.

For more information, visit their website at, or contact at 4435 Main Street, Suite 920, Kansas City, MO 64111, by telephone at 1-816-561-5200.

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